White Stuff’s (Retail) Cinema

Chris Sheldrake

A couple of UK weekend newspapers made mention of this small 12 seat Cinema. Not that newsworthy you would have thought – apart perhaps from its size except that this Cinema is in UK retailer White Stuff‘s store in York…

Pride of place … must go to the cinema. This is an area at the far end of the first floor that contains a 12-seat boutique cinema. During the day, shoppers will be able to park their children in the stalls to watch 1970s classics such as The Clangers and The Magic Roundabout while they consider a new frock. The shop will also be up for private hire in the evenings when parties will be able to watch a movie, enjoy a makeover and maybe make a purchase.

Retail Week did a nice write up of the whole store

Imagesound we believe were extensively involved.

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  1. Martin Stabe Says:

    Thanks for the link to Retail Week. We also have a gallery of images from the White Stuff store in York, including pictures of the cinema.

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