Friends of the Earth Takes Over @JCDecaux_UK’s Waterloo Motion

Maddie Cotterill

Last year, Friends of the Earth issued a challenge to agencies in the UK: come up with a ground-breaking and unique fundraising idea. Hundreds of agencies responded, though the final winner was Watson Phillips Norman with its ‘Big Picture’ campaign that breaks on Monday 24th March.

‘Big Picture’ invites people to donate to text in, or upload, their photos of what makes the world special to them.

Kat Heath, direct marketing fundraising officer at Friends of the Earth said “We don’t want to talk at our donors, we want to talk with them, and this invites them to let us know what makes their world amazing. We’ve all got personal reasons for why we want to save and protect the planet and this is just inspiring thousands of people with everyone’s images”.

John Eversley, Business Director at WPN. “‘Big Picture’ is dramatically different and uses the latest technology to engage with new supporters. There’s SMS, of course, and the giant screen, but we’re also using geo-targeting where, if you’re close to Waterloo, you’ll get a message on your smart phone to get you to look for the event. Direct, digital, social media and experiential all combined into one campaign!”

Individuals donate GBP 3 to send in their photos. Some of the photos will then be displayed on the boards at London Waterloo between 24th to 29th March. All the photos sent in will be featured on Friends of the Earth’s website. Everyone whose photo appears on the boards at London Waterloo will be texted or emailed to inform them when they will be on display so they can go and see their photos on the giant screens. Everyone who donates will be followed up by a telemarketer.

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