RMG Airline Media Network Expands In Asia With OnAir

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

RMG Networks, Dallas-based provider of Digital Out-of-Home media and digital signage solutions technology, has partnered with global inflight connectivity provider OnAir and now offers sponsorships of Wi-Fi on aircrafts equipped with the OnAir connectivity solution.

logo_rmg-networks_fullblk-01This exclusive partnership marks RMG’s expansion of its Airline Network in Asia and expands the RMG NETWORKS media offering on two of the world’s largest passenger aircrafts: the Airbus 380 and the Boeing 777. Last month, Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, appointed RMG Networks, Dallas-based provider of technology-driven video advertising and visual communications solutions, as its onboard media sales provider.

“Partnering with OnAir adds even more scale to RMG’s global media footprint and gives marketers an unprecedented ability to engage travelers across the Asia Pacific region,” says Garry McGuire, CEO, RMG Networks. “Brands with a global presence have asked us to expand our network along with their footprint and we will continue to seek out partners and opportunities that help us deliver marketing value and engaged, affluent consumers across the globe.”

“RMG Networks is the clear leader in the in-flight digital media space,” says Francois Rodriguez, director, strategy and marketing, OnAir. “We are pleased to partner with them as we continue to expand our in-flight connectivity offering that enhances the travel experience.”

Before adding the OnAir media assets, RMG’s Airline Network reaches 35 million domestic passengers per month on 3,000 aircraft and more than 150 airport executive clubs. Third party media research has determined that the viewership for the RMG Airline Network has an average household income of $154,000 and indexes strongly for managerial positions and college education.

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