Savills Does @SignageLive

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Global property firm, Savills, has embarked on a project with Signagelive to automate digital advertising processes across the company’s UK network, comprising in excess of 70 AV displays in more than 80 offices.


The displays, which take pride of place in the windows of Savills high street offices, are used to run a combination of real-time property feeds, (provided by Reapit, suppliers of CRM software for the property management industry), and promotional animations.

All displays have been configured to use a simple template, designed by Savills and powered by Signagelive. The template supports, large, high resolution images in order to attract the attention of passersby and encourage further engagement.

By presenting the public with a selection of some of the finest properties in their local area, combined with several short animations that highlight Savills key USPs, the displays are intended to give passing pedestrians a lasting impression of Savills corporate identity.

Signagelive takes property information from Reapit’s core database in real time and makes the necessary adjustments to ensure that data is formatted correctly to display on different display sizes and types deployed by Savills.

Savills has found that digital signage provides a much more engaging experience over traditional printed window posters. This is as a result of the eye-catching mix of constantly changing large format property images and promotional animations. In addition, the displays are backlit, which makes them stand out really well at night.

By creating a virtual network of its office screens using Signagelive, Savills has gained an exceptional amount of control over the content being displayed, right down to individual screens within the same office.

If Savills wishes to run a nation-wide campaign, for example, the displays can be set to show appropriate content in all UK offices. Conversely, if a campaign is only relevant to the London property market, Savills can ensure that only its London offices feature that campaign, right down to offices in specific locations. If its Esher office, for example, wanted to sponsor an event, then Savills could run a promotion on displays in this office only and manage that content centrally. Signagelive’s highly configurable approach made the upgrade a simple choice for Savills.

Says Rupert Levy, Head of Digital Communication & Marketing, Savills; “The benefit of Signagelive is that we can control the content of each individual screen from anywhere in the world via their simple, web based control panel.”

To date, Savills is running Signagelive software across its UK office network, including some prime positions in London’s most affluent areas, such as Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, North Audley Street in Mayfair and Fulham Road in Chelsea.

The aspiration for Savills, moving forward, is to roll-out Signagelive to its remaining UK offices, with the potential to then reach out even further across the company’s international network – providing greater consistency towards the brand’s approach to digital signage.

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