L’Oréal MicroTiles Install, Paris

Andrew Neale

Here’s a significant installation of Christie MicroTiles at the Paris headquarters of L’Oréal, the world’s largest cosmetics and beauty company.

L'Oreal_Christie MicroTiles_1

Having worked with Wilmotte & associés on the design for the renovation of their headquarters, L’Oréal were looking to create a display environment that reflected the group’s vision and its level of excellence for their new entrance lobby which now joins their two main buildings together. Aurelien Grocq, project manager at Labeyrie & associés, was responsible for the technical design and the management of the wall project.

L'Oreal_Christie MicroTiles_8

He said, “Before the project went out to tender, we worked with L’Oréal to test prototypes of screens and tiles. One of the reasons that they finally selected Christie MicroTiles was that they provided better picture quality – richer colours and truer levels of black. In addition, the tiles were only 26 cms in depth so they fitted perfectly in the architectural design of the hall.”

This is an impressive wall with 312 tiles spanning 39 tiles wide by 8 tiles high, resulting in one of the largest native resolution MicroTiles walls in the world – with 52 electronic control units (ECUs – 1 for every 6 MicroTiles), this wall not only offers a 0.5mm pixel pitch resolution across the entire display, but also enables content and creative designers to play with 121,080,960 pixels, or 121 megapixels.

Communication agency Phénomène produced the immersive video content.

L'Oreal_Christie MicroTiles clock

L’Oreal also has a smaller display wall which has been constructed in the shape of a digital clock – the display consists of 5 x 6 MicroTiles, containing a total of 5 ECUs. This clock is positioned on the wall opposite the large display wall and shows the current time at various large cities around the globe.

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