DOOH Viral Video 4 (Screen Expo Europe)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Im a TV

Well ISE is well and truly over and we will be writing another short piece on it later today or tomorrow.

Our focus is now on Screen Expo Europe which of courses opens next Tuesday. I am sure you have all been following very closely the DOOH Viral Video saga and now the weekend before the show we have the very last installment.

The guys at Amigo Digital who came up with the viral video idea, did the casting, shot all the video, edited it all together have done a great job. The vast majority of you have told us it was a great concept, well executed and generally quite clever. It annoyed a few people (our Head of R&D for one) but on the whole has garnered a lot of publicity for the DOOH industry and of course Screen Expo itself.


SCRIPT 4 – DOOH Screen – TV


Hi, I’m a Digital Out of Home Screen


And I’m a TV


So, are you ready?


[Awkward, dismissive]

Yes, well I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that, I don’t think I’m going to be able to make the Screen Expo this year.


No! Why?



Well, er I’ve got something EXTREMELY important to do instead.


[pointing behind TV]

What’s that?


[defensive, turns away]

What? What?


[still pointing behind TV]

That, behind your back.


[becomes more and more defensive, turning away, hiding]

It’s nothing, nothing. It’s nothing


[reaches behind TV much to TV’s annoyance, looks at TV with sudden realisation]

You’re not allowed out of the living room are you.


[embarrassed having to tell the truth]



[more humble feeling sorry for TV]

Don’t worry, you know, we’re just meeting up with a few old mates, you know…those that have been to Banks, Supermarkets, Gyms, Airports, Train Stations…


[back to being dismissive, not bothered but a bit disappointed also]

Yeah well that sounds rubbish. Ohhhh I BET they have a buffet…


[trying not to make it sound great]

No! Well…Maybe…


[downtrodden and despondent looking with annoyance at his plug attached to him]

Thanks a lot.

I love buffets…

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