When is ScreenFX not ScreenFX?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Question: When is ScreenFX not ScreenFX?

Answer A: When the company in question is changing its name to Vision Media Group – NOW (VMG.L) Vision Media Group (intl) PLC Ord 10p on AIM

Answer B:
When the technology / product in question is marketed by GestureTek Inc.

It doesn’t take much to confuse our office but this confused us when our alerts, spiders and research came back making mention of a ScreenFX installation in the Charleston Mall in Dublin, Ireland.

It got us all excited for a while as of course, (AIM Listed) ScreenFX have a large number of digital screen networks in Shopping Malls (we know of their plans to expand into India but were unaware of any Irish expansion).

Anyway, the excitement was short lived as reading through the various announcements it soon became apparent that GestureTek Inc. were talking about their very own ScreenFX interactive multi-media display system in the Charleston Mall in Dublin, Ireland.

The press release claims, rather grandly we think that and we quote “the installation is one of Europe’s largest interactive retail signage systems” – after some clarification we understand NOW that they mean in reference to the 103″ screen (thanks to Barnaby Page for the initial clarification and correction).

Anyway, the rest of the press release goes onto say that GestureTek partnered with Ireland’s TouchPoint Interactive Media and Strategem Integrated Communications on the Mall project.

They used a 103 inch Panasonic flat screen – which is probably why in the pictures they released it is very difficult to see the screen due to the daylight and the reflections – it did look good indoors when we saw it at ISE in Amsterdam.

GestureTek’s patented, camera-enabled body-tracking technology tracks passers by and responds to their movement. It’s quite clever and another innovative window display technology out to good use.

2 Responses to “When is ScreenFX not ScreenFX?”

  1. Barnaby Page Says:

    As far as ‘largest’ goes, I think they’re simply referring to screen size.

  2. Adrian J Cotterill Says:

    Barnaby thanks for that, you are indeed correct – GestureTek were referring to the size of the 103 inch screen…

    “In the body of the release, we do say “one of Europe’s largest interactive
    retail signage systems. We also say we transformed the mall’s digital
    signage screen. This is a screenbased system. To the best of our knowledge,
    the 103″ Panasonic flat-screen was about the largest on in widespread use,
    until the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, when a larger screen was
    launched by a manufacturer. There may be larger digital signage systems in
    retail malls, but they are not interactive, based on video gesture control
    technology. Bigger installations may be projection based. We also do far
    larger installations, using multiple projection systems, to create far
    larger interactive, gesture-controlled displays on any sized wall, floor or

    Patti Jordan
    Director Marketing & Communications
    GestureTek Inc.

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