LiveDOOH Signkick Ink Deal With @ExterionmediaNL

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Exterion Media The Netherlands, who reach 70% of the Dutch population every week, has extended its sales capabilities with the addition of optimised and flexible audience-based planning, powered by technology partner, LiveDOOH Signkick (LDSK).

Supported by LDSK’s intelligent automation platform, Exterion Media’s sales team has complete flexibility in their inventory and content management. This means they can ‘say yes’ to every type of Digital Out-of-Home booking, from every type of buyer – running audience, time or data-driven campaigns alongside traditional loop-based bookings. Using LDSK’s in-built intelligence, they optimise campaign scheduling and automated delivery to screens, generating maximum yield from every second on every screen, in real-time.

Exterion Media NL’s Jeremy Noya told us “Our priority is to ensure the best use of our Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) networks. For us, this means delivering what our customers want – flexible, data-driven campaigns with a sales model focussed on audience value rather than what space you can buy for a certain price. The level of granular planning this takes has made it previously impossible for one screen let alone our network of over 2,500. The LDSK platform has helped us solve this problem at scale. It’s become a key tool for our sales teams, its intelligence and full SalesForce integration gives me confidence that no opportunity is left on the table. As a result, audience-based buying now works as well for us as it does for our buyers and advertisers.” .

In order to fully optimise their network, Exterion Media receives every type of booking – traditional guaranteed, automated and programmatic – into their LDSK-powered platform. First and third party data is then used to create granular audience segments. The platform’s in-built intelligence combines this data with rules and goals set by the campaign planners to make live decisions about where and when to place ads for maximum yield and use of space. Optimising thousands of campaign variables, the LDSK platform delivers the right individual ad, to the right individual screen in every second that a screen is on. All automated, all in real-time.

Keni Bernardin, Chief Executive Officer, LiveDOOH Signkick said “Exterion Media are pushing the capabilities of DOOH towards real audience value with a level of optimisation that makes it very profitable for them as a media owner. We’ve worked together to make this a fully integrated solution including a complete Salesforce connection and dynamic price calculations to improve consistency and yield. This makes it a reliable and scalable part of the way they do business and it’s rewarding to see how quickly it’s been embraced by their teams. When it comes to the future of Out-of-Home trading, Exterion Media is, well and truly, open for every type of business.”

The power of this intelligence includes real-time ad serving into multiple player types, including all the major players and LDSK’s own player, right up until the moment of play. This allows Exterion Media to continually optimise their networks in a unified way and ensures accurate campaign delivery, every time.

We are told that the result is smart, automated scheduling that Exterion Media can rely on to deliver innovative, audience-led campaigns across their 2,500+ strong network of malls, petrol stations, highway spectaculars and major city locations.

AdTECH: OOH – Amsterdam and AdTECH: OOH – Europe will be held in early December, 2021.

The whole day event will be chaired by LDSK’s Chief Revenue Office Andy Hamblin.

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