BlueStar Partners With BrightStar

Geny Caloisi

BlueStar, a global distributor of ADC, Mobility, Point-of-Sale, RFID, Digital Signage, and ID & Security technology solutions, has signed a distribution agreement with BrightSign. BrightSign, which supplies solid-state digital sign and kiosk controller products, will provide BlueStar’s VARs with a new portfolio of options for commercial signage customers across the globe.

“BlueStar is excited about our new partnership and channel distribution opportunities with BrightSign,” said Gary Childress, BlueStar Director of Digital Signage. “BrightSign products are easy to use, have flexible features and work in the SMB space and large enterprise-wide deployments. The partnership is a perfect fit for our approach of providing product bundles and end-to-end solutions with POS dealers in the retail and hospitality markets and our growing network of Digital Signage resellers.”

The BrightSign platform is a reliable, non-PC, solid-state digital sign and kiosk controller system designed to manage any digital sign or interactive display. The BrightSign controllers deliver high-quality, high-definition video, images and audio. Users can play media automatically from flash memory cards. Interactive features include support for touch-screens, buttons, mice and other input devices. BrightSign also supports networking for remote content delivery, scheduling of content playback, synchronization of multiple displays for video wall applications, and zones for displaying multiple content windows on a single screen.

BrightSign’s product line-up includes a freestanding tabletop display that creates high-resolution video displays instantly without external power or wiring, two looping sign controllers, three interactive sign controllers, and four networked sign controllers. The four networked controllers include two simple looping media players and two full-featured interactive sign controllers that can be connected via WiFi or Ethernet. Across the entire product portfolio, each model offers a different level of functionality, so customers only pay for the features they need. All controllers are dependable, compact and unobtrusive.

Free with BrightSign controllers, BrightAuthor is a PC software application that simplifies the creation, management and monitoring of digital displays. BrightSign also offers the BrightSign Network, an all-inclusive networking solution that gives users the tools to create presentations, schedule updates to displays, manage multiple networked groups of displays, and review real-time reports via a secure Internet connection. With BrightAuthor and the BrightSign Network, BrightSign offers a complete, end-to-end solution for presenting information on a variety of screen formats, both in stand-alone and complex networked situations.

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