You Won’t Shoot Me, You’re A Policeman

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Here’s an interesting aside for Scott Anthony and his folks at Digiadvans – a Westminster Police Force commission to design and install a Digital screen Solution for their CCTV outside Broadcast vehicles.

As shown in the picture above; two high bright 46” screens have been installed, one into each side of each vehicle.

SA Group MD Scott Anthony told us “Taking digital solutions into the public sector simply transforms the way in which they can communicate with their target audiences. I have worked with these target groups for 19 years in Outdoor and they are a very difficult group to reach. The new screens allow the marketing strategies to be 3 dimensional moving forward, that in itself is a huge step forward”.

He added “It is amazing how may professionals are now realising that having screens installed into their commercial vehicles can transform the impact of their targeted activity”.

We can only imagine that Digiadvans are delighted with this new service opportunity, it surely makes the cost of DOOH considerably more affordable.

When the vehicle is parked up or simply executing its usual day to day activity, regardless of sector, customers are seeing a significant interaction with their vehicles.

I suspect that few people had any idea that by installing the screens into the vehicle there would be this level of head turning opportunity.

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