LG Electronics’ Global Trend Survey

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

German research company Pisacane Information Services is undertaking on behalf of LG Electronics a Global Trend Survey on Digital Display Network Solutions.

The objective we believe is to better understand the needs and requirements with respect to digital signage and the goal is to develop a compelling solution for the market and improve the existing offerings.

Piscane are doing the usual rounds of emailing folks asking for 20 – 30 minutes of their time in return for a copy of the report…

We would like to discuss views and opinions of different users and decision makers as well as distribution channel partners around the globe.

LG would like to invite you as an expert in this field to share your valuable insights in a short telephone interview. The focus will be on your specific needs and the pain points you associate with these applications.

To us, surveys like this are a weird way to conduct research – much better employ some folks who are global experts in the sector and ask them to brief you (hint, hint).

What do you get when you ring round people and ask them questions?

If anyone is interested then feel free to contact Pisacane Information Services at office@pisacane.com or Tel +49 221 2774 0 or Fax +49 221 2774 277.

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