My Visit to Soho’s Coolest Loft…

Manolo Almagro, Q Division Managing Partner

Say what you will about Twitter, – but I get THE most interesting event invites via direct tweets. Last week, I got “tweet-vited” by Bill Dulaney at Park Media to a reception hosted by XL Video – at THE coolest Loft in SoHo. (trust me, I’ve seen alot of lofts in Soho) – This one was the “Angelina Jolie” of lofts.

The good folks at XL Video set up a SoHo showroom/LAB that holds about every possible type of LED video products in the known universe, – as in, they host examples from about 40 of the leading manufacturers in the industry. My visit to the Lab was an awesome experience, I’d describe it as part showroom and part chill-out after hours club. Not to mention, there is something very inspiring about experiencing the large scale LED installations in the context of their “real-life” scale. You really can’t replicate this feeling in photos or videos.

I also got a chance to see the software “engine” that drove all the screens in the loft- It was a visualization tool called d3 show production suite. It’s a proprietary software and hardware package developed by UnitedVisualArtists and distributed by XL video. The tool allows you to create a 3D virtual environment of the installation and then map each piece of content to each specific device or surface that is loaded in the visualization.

The XL Lab in SoHo NYC is open to set designers, lighting designers, architects, interior designers, trade show designers, and environment designers. I recommend you go visit this workspace before you design your next dynamic digital environment.  -Special thanks to Bill, Megan and Leslie for the invites and happy hour!

Here are some videos of the reception –

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