Alioscopy Win DailyDOOH’s Best In Show Award

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Only those who don’t know what is coming later this year would see it that the video walls displayed by Samsung and Sony on their booths at Screen Media Expo Europe were highlights of that event – just goes to show how much some other ‘industry analysts’ and journalists really know about what is going on. Trust us. Old technology merely re-arranged in a slightly new way equals don’t buy.

Anyway, we promised the week before last (and indeed we promised the organisers of the show) that we would do our very own DailyDOOH Best In Show Award and are pleased to announce that the winner was French based glasses free 3D provider Alioscopy.

Back in October 2008 in Paris we first wrote about Alioscopy and said “We have not been impressed with many glasses free 3D systems but this one was very good and attracted a lot of attention at Viscom Paris”.

What secured them the best in show this time around was, quite simply, that at Screen Media Exco Europe there were no less than 5 different 3D technologies on display all in one place – now who says staying away from shows is a good idea** AND is it not this ability to do direct comparisons (and the networking) what trade shows are really all about?

Visitors would therefore have, like us, been able to see Philips/Samsung, Magnetic, X3D (the earlier Newsight product), Bolod and Alioscopy AND compare them for themselves.

Unlike several of the systems on display, Alioscopy seems to give a headache free display and it’s crisp and clear. As mentioned before when we have written about Alioscopy these French guys also put a lot of store in the content that they demonstrate (a lesson for all trade show exhibitors) – above all their content is always relevant – as a retail demo for example, they show exploded Lego kits and the such like.

The 3D world has a lot of work to do in order to convince the industry that it is a compelling technology but to our mind Alioscopy are streets ahead of their competition.

Alioscopy win a free banner advertisement created by Amigo Digital and 3 months worth of free banner advertising on DailyDOOH.

**Are you listening TruMedia cos’ it was also great to be able to compare WuTuTu. Quividi and Stratacache’s Intel based AM systems

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  1. Dave Haynes Says:

    I was not in London but saw this in DSE and, a couple of weeks earlier, in my living room (long story). I have seen a few yawn-inducing 3D demos and the Alioscopy stuff was the first time I got excited about the technology.

    It helps, as you note, that the content is very good and gets beyond the often stupid “objects spinning magically in thin air” stuff I have seen from competitors.

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