Wearable Video’s Video Vest

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Weareable Video is hardly new (Adwalker, Adscreens, Pixman etrc) and we wonder how many more folks can claim to be applying for patents on different parts of it.

This press release landed on our desk last week – poor timing what with all the noise around Screen Expo Europe and all the other announcements.

The key with all this so-called wearable media is to focus on the brands and benefits it brings – and then give real world case studies of it in action – not focus on the technology which is plentiful, simple and cheap.

Dynamic marketing concept finds perfect synergy with Beryl’s World / IMC

Wearable Video Inc.of Ft. Lauderdale, FL has entered in to a (non exclusive) joint venture with Beryl’s World/ IMC.

Beryl’s World / IMC will help market Wearable Video’s Video Vest to their over 1,000 associates world wide. Beryl’s World was founded in 1929 and comprises 21 entities and over 705 joint ventures and 109 consortia devoted to Multi-Media/Direct Response Marketing. With 1,250 employees, Beryl’s World services 175 of the nation’s leading companies as well as emerging businesses. Beryl’s World is affiliated with 32 offices Nationwide…..

Wearable Video’s (patent pending) Video Vest is a dynamic concept for marketing and promotions. The Video Vest provides progressive marketing professionals a technology to WEAR clothing that plays full motion video with stereo sound any place they want to capture attention. The Video Vest is based on the proven success of TV advertising with the added benefits of mobility and human interaction. Companies such as Comcast, Seminole Hardrock Hotel and Casino, Westgate Resorts, Corning Data, Golden Palace, Live marketing and other clientele rent or lease Video Vests for use at tradeshows or for street campaigns. Each campaign is custom, some are on a one day rental and others are long term full campaigns where Wearable Video handles all logistics including “Brand Ambassadors” to wear the Video Vests.

Batteries 4 Broadcast.com president Kevin Tierney hired Wearable Video for the 2007 national association of broadcasters convention in Las Vegas. According to Tierney he was skeptical about the Video Vest concept but decided to give it a shot. “ After I saw the vests attract attention and the models interacting with my potential buyers I felt good about my decision to hire the company. I was impressed at their ability to break from the clutter at the convention. I was more impressed when I saw an increase in business from the Vegas convention.” Tierney said.

David Berman, President and founder of Wearable Video said he waited for years to enter in to a partnership like the one with Wolk. “Although Beryl is a marketing legend that has years of experience and knowledge , it’s his company’s reputation and ethics that made me enter in to this partnership. After my initial meeting with Beryl and his team I felt a very positive synergy. I’m sure that together we’ll take the company to its full potential”

The company is currently developing new technologies and product line to expand the Wearable Video concept. Dave Temple, Vice president of Wearable Video said he’s excited about offering affiliate and investment opportunities to Beryl’s associates worldwide.

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