WBCM ’08 – DailyDOOH Distributions…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The first of a (relatively) new initiative sees DailyDOOH stretch its brand to content distribution – something the team here have a lot of experience with, having, after all, fallen into the Digital Signage technology and Digital Out of Home business sectors from Internet Protocol (IP) based content delivery and music downloads via the dot com boom and bust 7 years ago.

It’s also something we did last year when we initiated, ‘sold’, managed and co-ordinated pro-bono the Macmillan Cancer Support World’s Biggest Coffee Morning (WBCM) digital campaign which ran thanks to all those UK networks that donated air time – 22 networks in all, making it easily the UK’s biggest digital screen network campaign of all time AND importantly we think showing everyone what can be done if the networks work together.

Anyway WBCM ’08 this year is being held on Friday (it’s always a Friday) 26 September 2008 and we have already started planning for the event – even having had the first client meetings (6 months ahead). We hope again that networks will donate air time as they did last year and we hope also to plan (earlier) and better and get the very few networks that didn’t take part last year on board this time (some brands have their own preferred charities and so politically it was difficult and / or impossible for them to take part – and we understand that).

WBCM ’08 won’t however be the first “DailyDOOH Distribution” of the year as we have our first network offer almost ready. It’s a weekly distribution of high profile, TV and sport referenced content, applicable (pretty much) worldwide.

This is something that we think many screen networks will want to run and be able to schedule for several months going forward. It’s going to be very exciting.

Watch this space!!!

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