TruKnox – Yet More Indian Software Solutions

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Hot on the heals of the free ASP / SaaS business model Infosignz product that we spoke about 10 days ago comes another Indian created software solution. The TruKnox Technologies solution was showcased at Screen Expo Europe, though we unfortunately missed it.

TruKnox trumpet the fact that their software, called “Tru-i” makes good use of the Windows Vista platform – not something we would particularly shout about but you have to ‘hang’ a press release, a USP and / or a story on something AND to be fair we haven’t come across any other solutions that shout about Vista support.

If there is a trend in software solutions that are based on Windows, it is a move (that we applaud) to the embedded versions of things like XP – so it’s strange we think for a startup to do a Vista version out of the box.

TruKnox will be at Digital Signage Expo. Las Vegas, this month also.

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