Digital Signage For Supermarkets (Exactly)

Chris Sheldrake

If you want to be known primarily as a technology led digital signage provider then please go ahead and let your clients keep calling retail network deployments ‘xyzTV’. Here we see a very generation 1.0 looking ‘masymasTV’ channel for Spanish retailer Supermercados masymas.

masymas1Developed by Altabox the channel is, in their words, designed to entertain and communicate offers and promotions to its consumers.

We are not sure of the value of the entertainment bit – sections such as cooking tips, health, pets – you go to the grocery store to shop and what feel good / look away content that you would need to fill in the gaps between adverts and promotions can be served up in better ways than as ‘entertainment’ such as this.

The project used Altabox’s own Kentia software to manage content, including music at the stores. Hardware was developed by DS Digital Screens, a Spanish company specialising in hardware and screens solutions for digital signage.

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  1. DS Expert Says:

    A 1.0 generation DS network ! Even whether the sky is the limit with Digital Solution it’s probably not the best place to hang a screen. Please think concept, not technology !

  2. Roi Says:

    Masymas want to call masymasTV to his digital signage channel, but isn´t a TV channel, because all the content is digital content. We don´t use TV content, and the entertainment content have sections worked specifically for instore digital signage. When we were planning the channel, we asked the masymas clients to their preferences about contents in instore digital channels, and they are now grateful with contents. We always work thinking: Audience is king… and we have to publish contents that they want. Be sure that advertisers want channels with good audience. “TV” is only the name, do you prefer call it “newTV”? It´s not important.
    If anyone plans a trip to Spain I invite you to visit us and we will present how we do digital contents, and professional channels (software specific for digital signage, content specific for digital signage, hardware specific for digital signage)
    The really important news is that in this economic downfall, the digital signage continues to expand in Spain. This means that customers need alternative media.

    Unfortunately there hasn’t been well understood for a release closer to reality.

  3. a non believer! Says:

    will the sector never learn…i pitty the investors!

  4. DS Expert Says:

    Dear non believer,

    I understand tour sceptisism because we don’t have much info’s on the ROI of such technology. However and even if DS 1.0 generation is obselete now Walmart & Carrefour Brazil/Mexico still hint on the efficiency on this media. I am not sure that Walmart would keep investing in DS 2.0 whether it wasn’t profitable (+/- 3.000 stores).

    Our company will shortly issue a press release about a fully integreted concept within the POS. DS is only the support of this project. Stay tuned !

  5. Woolsey Jr. Says:

    Finely a team that gets it, WELL DONE! Relevant grocer infotainment supported by relevant in-store advertising, this model will ROI! However once they establish synergy and they will, they will have to fight hard to keep the in-store advertisers from wanting to take over with non relevant grocery infotainment. Non believers watch and learn……

    Best regards,

    Woolsey Jr.

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