300+ Site Music Win For Imagesound

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Waterstones have messed around with CDs in their top 30 stores for some time now and other stores in the group have had the ‘freedom’ to play what they like on CD players in-store – resulting as you can imagine, music that the employees like; not necessarily what the customers would want to hear and noise (not audio) that is definitely not on-brand.

Great then to hear that Imagesound have won the music business for almost the entire 330 stores in the UK (this won’t include bookstores at various Universities).

  • 280 sites will get a single zone audio channel
  • a further 25 – 30 sites will receive a multi-zoned service that will zone music across the floors (probably something like up to 4 zones per store).
  • The win also includes 2 European stores

The music consultancy work starts in May when Imagesound will start building the music profile based on the branding. The entire estate will be rolled out by 1st October 2009 ready for the busy trading period leading up to Christmas.

This sort of win brings continuity, compliance and music branding principles to the High Street and can only be a good thing for a retailer in these current climes wishing to build on their brand identity.

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