The BBC is Killing The Internet

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Non techy friends of ours in the office and at home do not / cannot understand our hatred of much of what the UK’s British Broadcasting Corporation (the BBC) is doing on the web.

We think that the BBC should stick to TV programme making and broadcasting and not meddle with the Web or other commercial ventures.

Anyway that is our just our opinion.

Most recently however, what with their much trumpeted launch of the iPlayer we started telling everyone we could that part of the BBC License Fee (every UK citizen who owns a television set pays a not insignificant yearly licence fee) should go to ISPs to help support the rise and costs of extra bandwidth being use.

If only our application to work with OFCOM had been approved 🙁

Andrew Orlowski is The Register’s ‘Oberflammenmeister’ – a specialist in business / techie opinion and VERY critical of utopian drivel.

Yesterday he wrote “The internet as a platform? Not as ISP bloodbath looms” and goes on to talk about “iPlayer the assassin”

It is a MUST read for anyone in the UK who relies on the Internet for content delivery (and / or streaming) AND it is a big issue for the UK digital out of home industry going forward.

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