Interactive Social Networking (In Bars)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Miss BarCast 2008

UGC and social networking is coming quite quickly to Digital Signage networks, this particular implementation is by Aerva in Boston, USA …

Aerva manages digital display networks that allow interactivity via cell phones with these displays. Customers can connect with end-users and patrons by managing and scheduling content on any display, anywhere in the world, via a browser. Founded by MIT alumni in 2003, Aerva provides the simplest, most powerful and most cost-effective solution to create small or large interactive display networks. The company’s software technologies, AerChannel (for digital signage) and MoApp™ (for mobile applications) are patented, secure, scalable, and robust. The company manages networks for many customers in a number of industry verticals, such as schools/universities, sports bars, clubs, hotels/hospitality, health clubs, retail stores, bank branches, and sports/entertainment venues and outdoor.

The network is called BarCast and is made up of interactive, high-definition flat panel displays in 50 bars, restaurants and clubs across Boston.

It’s CLAIMED to be the first of its kind social networking platform enabling interactivity between the digital displays and people’s cell phones BUT we all know of plenty of SMS, MMS and Bluetooth enabled signage networks elsewhere for this to be stretching the truth just a little 😉

About BarCast Networks LLC

The BarCast Network is an interactive network of high-def flat panel displays that are placed in bars, restaurants, and clubs nationwide. These interactive displays feature unique PG-rated BarCast content, full motion video, text-to-screen, text-to-vote, photo upload and more. The BCN interactive display allows patrons to communicate within and between locations via text message, uploaded photos, and live video conferencing.

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