Decouvrez Ottawa – The Community Channel Has!

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The Community Channel network announcement that we knew was coming was perhaps a little bit bigger than we thought.

The Community Channel, fresh from setting up a network down under are now setting their sights on the North American continent and have set up base in Ottawa, Canada.

Their target is 1,500 venues within 3 years.

They also have a long overdue web site re-vamp (theirs previously was truly the worst of any network owner we had seen) – see

The web site is well worth a look – it shows just how vast their coverage is. It’s an impressive audience.

London, 27th February 2008

Information Release

The Community Network launches in North America

With over 1,400 sites in the UK, 500 in Australia and 400 sites in Eire, Isle of Man, and more recently New Zealand, The Community Network has turned its attention to the North American continent.

From its newly established base in Ottawa, the company is aiming to build a network of 1,500 sites in the next three years.

Adrian Reed, newly appointed CEO of the Canadian subsidiary said “We have been phenomenally successful in establishing our Australian network and we are aiming for the same level of success in Canada. We will be targeting our traditional sectors in Canada and we are confident that the model that has been so successful in all the markets that we have entered so far, will work for the Canadian market”.

The Community Network will be deploying experienced staff from both its UK and Australian offices to ensure that there the new venture gets off to a flying start.

Dave Ravenscroft, Chief executive of The Community Network’s parent company Multimedia International Services Ltd said “For the last year we have deployed a succession plan designed to breed the next generation of managers. That exercise has been extremely successful and has allowed us to identify key personal for the Canadian project, whilst developing their replacements. By deploying a mix of personnel from the UK and Australia, we have a first class team on the project whilst ensuring that it is business as usual for our existing networks and our customers”.

The Canadian expansion comes after a busy year which saw the company rebrand all of its networks under a single Community Network identity. Prior to that, its networks had their own bespoke identity most familiar of these being Subpostmaster TV.

The company also undertook a major revision of its website ( But these projects didn’t deter the company from notching up a turnover of £8m. “It’s has been a good year for The Community Network, but we are confident that next year we can do even better with turnover from our existing networks on target to exceed £11m”. Commented Dave Ravenscroft.


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