Adspace’s Programmatic Efforts Help Record Revenue Growth

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Can programmatic DOOH ad buying increase revenue? Adspace Mall Networks thinks it does.

adspace logo June:16New York-based Adspace, one of the largest digital place-based video networks in the US believes that it is pioneering the digital out-of-home programmatic landscape.

Through a partnership with Vistar Media, Adspace says that it is among the first in its category to embrace programmatic as an integral part of their sales strategy.

“As an early adopter of programmatic, Adspace recognizes the ease and efficiency that automation brings to DOOH and we anticipate the tremendous impact it will have on our space in the future,”
says Peter Krieger, president and COO, Adspace Networks. “We look to Vistar’s innovative technology, bridging the digital and physical worlds, to complement our strength in connecting advertisers to our massive audience of consumers with the right message at the right time. Reaching these shoppers steps from the point-of-purchase has proven effective, increasing Retail traffic by an impressive 13.2%.”

Adspace’s monthly audience of 71 million hard to reach, on-the-go consumers, in 300+ of America’s best malls, has been available on Vistar’s platform since 2013. In this short time, the partnership has eclipsed all revenue growth expectations, with Adspace seeing an unprecedented average increase of 350% year-over-year. This type of programmatic success is indicative of the buying community’s desire to place meaningful video impressions at scale across multiple DOOH publishers’ inventory.

Located in America’s best malls, the Adspace Mall Networks consist of video screens in both the mall common areas and food courts. With over 3,600 screens, these networks cover 72% of the U.S. population and represent 98% of all digital screens in the mall space.

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