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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Nokia N70 Emulation via MOBI

Do you have an iPhone or other mobile that you use to browse the web? Have you ever used either to browse DailyDOOH?

No? Then please do and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Gone will be the traditional layout, gone will be the advertisers (sorry advertisers) and in its place will be a neat, simple list of ‘posts’.

The picture above shows what DailyDOOH looks like when browsed to from a Nokia N70 device.

Our R&D folks spend a lot of time ensuring that we adhere to as many standards as possible. We use the web service ready.mobi to ensure mobile compatibility and nicely we score very highly in their test results.

Ready.mobi uses industry standard tests developed with the W3C and leading mobility companies.

Ready.mobi provides an analysis of how your web content is likely to function on a mobile device.

Many tests performed by ready.mobi are defined by the W3C in the MobileOK Basic Tests 1.0 document.

Use the same http://www.dailydooh.com/ URL that you would use normally – it’s important to stress that what you see from a mobile device is not a different site – it’s the same system as always – our server infrastructure is doing all the work serving up correctly formated pages (it’s not even really a ‘trannslation’) when it detects a mobile is entering the site.

Our compliance levels, which we think are amazingly high, are shown at http://ready.mobi/dailydooh.com

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