World’s Largest Flexible Display Technology?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

technology-01Norcross, GA based NanoLumens Inc. claim that they can do a millimeter thin 110 inch display which will weigh under 90lbs (likely cost iro USD 75K).

The picture here does not do their screen or their technology ANY justice so please take a look at the video on their web site where you will also see that you can roll it up and ship it like carpet!!

NanoLumens’ disruptive technology enables flexible high definition displays of literally any shape and size.

Thinner and lighter than today’s best LCDs or plasmas, NanoLumens’ digital displays will be easy to install anywhere people live, work or play.

The NanoLumens structure (52 patents filed) reduces the bulk and weight typical in the largest of display sizes and significantly cuts energy use.

Our lower installed cost will revolutionize out-of-home advertising, enliven classrooms and conference rooms, and launch a new field of digital architecture

We have heard rumours that they are involved in a number of RFPs in the US with large outdoor media owners – one of which is likely a large Metro deal.

If they can manufacture quantities of large standard outdoor sizes, get accurate colour reproduction, decent brightness, a good resolution AND most of all know how to get to market quickly (note the problem with ITrans documented in full here) then they may have a winner on their hands.

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