Impax Media Wins at GMDC’s Retail Tomorrow Conference

Maddie Cotterill

Impax Media, one of the leading providers of grocery retailer in-store video networks in Canada, and a recent entrant in the U.S. market, was selected as the ‘Most Disruptive’ new concept at Global Market Development Center’s ‘Retail Tomorrow’ Demo Day, hosted by the Advisory Board, in San Antonio, Texas, a few weeks ago.

IMPAX downThe standing-room only crowd saw pre-selected companies presenting innovative concepts and services to accelerators, retailers, suppliers and potential investors. Event judges included Bill Anderson, H-E-B; Tim Buskey, AmerisourceBergen; Dave Jones, Kellogg Company; Shari Wynne Ressler, SKU; and Kosta Skoulikaris, Nielsen.

Trey Holder, Co-Chair of GMDC’s Retail Tomorrow Advisory Board told us “Our members asked us to curate innovation for them, so we emulated standard Venture Pitch Days to create the first event focused on introducing innovation to retailers, wholesalers and brands and providing insights from industry experts to start up companies.”

Lesley Conway, Executive V.P. of Impax Media, presented the highlights of its just-launched digital place-based video network, with 32 inch high-definition screens mounted above every checkout lane, forming a head-high video wall with dramatic impact for shoppers in line, or moving throughout the store. The screens add a new level of entertainment and information to the grocery shopping experience.

The network features content that grocery shoppers find extremely desirable based on recent research conducted by Millward Brown. Video spots highlighting the best sale items in the store topped the list of what consumers want to see, followed by weather, special upcoming events in the store, new store services, and recipe ideas. All content is retailer branded, as is the network name. The Millward Brown study indicated 86% of grocery shoppers are interested in the network.

Dominick Porco, Chairman and CEO of Impax Media told us during #NYDSW last week “For the past two decades, retail chains in many different classes of trade have embraced digital signage in their stores primarily as a source of third party advertising revenue. Rarely have they seized the opportunity to use the network as their own top notch communications platform, capable of enhancing the customer experience and strengthening their brand. In today’s swiftly moving marketplace, any program that keeps your current customers returning deserves to be thoroughly vetted, and we are excited to begin working with grocery retailers in the U.S. to help build their business.”

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