Todd Van Nurden 2 Keynote Part of #dse2017

Maddie Cotterill

The Wednesday, March 29, 2017 8 a.m. #dse2017 keynote will feature Todd Van Nurden, Chief Architect of the Microsoft Technology Center who will explain why the model for customer interactions with digital content and spaces needs to change to stay relevant and engaging.

The session will explain how to change the current model to ‘Ambient’ or ‘Transparent’ intelligence. Those who attend the session will:-

  • Understand the ‘inconvenient truth’ about our use of technology.
  • Become familiar with the tools, technologies and approaches that can be used today to being the journey to ‘Ambient Intelligence’
  • Understand where the technology is headed and the issues yet to be addressed

Todd Van Nurden said “We live in exciting times, we’re at the nexus of several technology trends which will fundamental change how people experience information. These technologies exist today and are only becoming more powerful. Let’s explore where we are today, where we’re going and how to stay relevant. Change is coming we need to evolve or die.”

It’s all part of #dse2017‘s Digital Signage General End Users Seminar Program. The keynote session is entitled, ‘Evolve or Die – Digital Engagement Needs to Change.

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