China Reaches 531,100 Screens, Q1 2009

On-yi Lo

According to data from the Chinese Digital Outdoor Advertising Association released by Enfodesk at Analysys International, in the first quarter of 2009, the number of digital advertising screens in China has now reached 531,100.

The Public subway system, commercial buildings, and train stations are still among the top three markets for Digital Out Of Home in China.

The Analysys International study found that as a result of tough monitoring controls on traditional outdoor billboards by regional government bodies, as well as the continual decline in cost of electronics manufacturing industry, many traditional outdoor advertising businesses intend to switch over to digital-out-of-home systems.

In this way, the number of electronic screens is expected to rise significantly.

In the first quarter of 2009, the public subway system has had the biggest share of the market at nearly 40%, mainly due to its having reached a mature state of operation in the market, and the gradual improvements to the monitoring system. Analysys International suggested that during the transition to digital media, it is necessary to consider changing the traditional advertising business model, the number of cycles and repetitions of the advertisements, and whether analytical assessments are required for monitoring and supervising purposes.

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