#NRF17 @GoogleCloud Vision API Demo @GCPEmotobooth 4333

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

At #NRF17 Google had a really good stand with some far-out, and some not so far-out technology applicable for retail and advertising. They also had a super charming booth crew who were on of the most friendly and approachable at the show.

One part of their stand included a ‘GCP Emotobooth’.

You stood in front of a camera and were asked to show four emotions; Happy, Sad, Anger, Surprise.

Four pictures were then taken…

_photo0 copy

_photo1 copy

_photo2 copy

_photo3 copy

The system, using the @GoogleCloud Vision API, then analysed your emotions and gave you a success rating; HIGHLY LIKELY through to HIGHLY UNLIKELY.

As far as we could see it worked rather well, analysing the acting abilities of participants correctly.

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