Looks Like Cisco is Back in #DigitalSignage

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

One of the horrors we experienced at #NRF17 this week was the realisation that Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) might foolishly be back in the digital signage game.

After the complete mess they made of the business opportunity the last time around, you may have figured that the executive team would put an immediate kibosh on anyone who should dare mention the words as ‘digital signage’ in the same breath as “I need to change what I do in order to keep my job” as no doubt, a certain Scott Weirlen has done.

Scott is officially the Global Content Strategy and Creation Manager (Sports and Entertainment) but what that really means is that he looks after Cisco StadiumVision a product that has spectacularly found few willing customers.

Anyway, there they all were at #NRF17 proudly touting CiscoVision – an as yet unannounced product designed for retail. Interestingly, we believe the DMP in this solution is a BrightSign device.

5 Responses to “Looks Like Cisco is Back in #DigitalSignage”

  1. Scott Werlein Says:

    A few points that I think might shed some light on your article.

    Unfortunately, I don’t believe we have ever met, so not sure why you would bring my name up since you know absolutely nothing about me or my role at Cisco. It might be beneficial to your readers get your facts straight before you call out specific people in your articles who you don’t know.

    I have been in the digital signage industry for almost 20 years and was deploying hundreds of DS projects in numerous industries long before I came to Cisco to focus on sports and entertainment. Second, since you obviously know nothing about the Cisco Vision platform, I am sure that we would be more than happy to provide you with a demo and answer all your questions.


    Scot Werlein

  2. Jane Says:

    Professional? or Personal? Why so sensitive? Wait, is this Tumblr? or Reddit?

    No! Spell check is your friend, Scott. A professional trick — read it aloud. Then, submit.

  3. Dave Says:

    WOW! Jane,

    You have a writer who is clearly calling out specific people by name trying to smear their reputation and all you focus on is spell check??? How about FAKE NEWS! If you are indicative of this sites readership, then it’s time for some real signage news.

  4. Editor Says:

    I keep looking for spelling errors in Scott’s post, but I’m coming up empty.

    On the other hand, I’m unsure why Jane felt the need to capitalize ‘personal.’

    That is to say, physician, heal thyself.

  5. WR Trainor Says:

    Is the Trump effect spreading?

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