Metropolis Acquires BrightMove Media’s Taxi Screen Network

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Metropolis Digital Outdoor today announced the acquisition of BrightMove Media’s taxi fleet screen network. We understand that the acquisition provides Metropolis Digital Outdoor with an initial offering of almost 700 digital screens which will increase as the company rolls out its growth and development plans in 2017.

Metropolis Digital Outdoor will be commencing an upgrade replacement programme of BrightMove Media’s (old) LED screens with its own HD high resolution Evolution 2 LCD TXi-Media Pods and, as part of the deal, Metropolis Digital Outdoor will adopt BrightMove Media’s vehicular based software platform, developed specifically for moving outdoor digital platforms.

Metropolis Digital Outdoor CEO Danny Faughnan told us “This is a very exciting time for MDO and we are delighted to have completed this pivotal deal. It not only makes us clear market leader in Digital Taxi Top media but also enables the consolidation and scale this sector has been crying out for. We very much look forward to embracing the many opportunities this brings.”

Metropolis Digital Outdoor tell us that they are actively seeking more opportunities to enable it to achieve further growth while continuing to bring about consolidation within the industry.

Metropolis Digital Outdoor was launched by the Founder and CEO Danny Faughnan in 2010. The company’s leading signature product, the TXi-Media Pod™, presents a disruptive proposition in digital advertising, enabling location-specific, relevant advertising and day-part scheduling supported by detailed advertising data.

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