Cabvision Adds Top Gear Channel

Chris Sheldrake

Like so many UK digital networks Cabvision have been so quiet of late we thought that they might have disappeared but hey ho, here is an announcement from them of the addition of a (BBC motoring programme) Top Gear channel in their London taxi cab network.

The idea is that advertisers will able to place ads next to highlights of the first two series of Top Gear, which will be shown on a dedicated channel in Cabvision equipped cabs – the spot ads accompanying the channel will be sold by DMS Outdoor alongside the existing Cabvision portfolio of channels and sponsorship opportunities.

Cabvision said the channel will reach 1.4 million people a month – TGI figures show cab passengers are more likely to have a family income of more than GBP 50,000 and be light ITV viewers.

Initially, DMS Outdoor will be targeting motoring and car insurance clients to advertise on the channel.

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