Key Management Changes at Eye Airports

Maddie Cotterill

Eye Airports Ltd, which manages the advertising and promotional contracts at a number of the UK’s regional airports, including Newcastle, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton, Norwich, Humberside, Derry, Inverness and the Highlands airports, has announced a raft of management changes at the most senior level.

  • Rachel Davies, who has been with the company since its creation over 10 years ago has been appointed as Managing Director. Rachel will have Andy Mackenzie reporting to her as her new Sales Director . Andy has also been with the company for 10 years and as well as working with Newcastle airport, he will now have the entire UK sales team reporting to him.
  • James Ager is the third appointee and is now the Finance Director. James has also worked with Eye Airports for 10 years, as part of a larger remit within the holding company of AdGroup.
  • Andrew Walker, the founder of Adgroup, Eye Airports and sister company Community Partners will remain as Chairman of all three companies

Rachel Davies told us “We’re very appreciative of this great opportunity that Andrew has given us to take executive control of Eye Airports, and also that he will be our Chairman. Regional airport advertising is currently going through a massive transition in that more and more sites are being digitalised which gives us enormous targeting flexibility and allows for far more creativity – we are completely committed to growing this company in these exciting times.”

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