Nomadix Media Launches New iWalker

Maddie Cotterill

Nomadix Media has launched a new iWalker, described as a revolutionary roaming experiential digital signage platform, which tailors digital adverts with direct appeal to groups of people.

It makes no secret that it measures audiences using facial feature detection technology and then delivers content into their hands when they are most responsive.

Mark Evans, CEO and founder of Nomadix Media, told us “Our plan is to establish global networks of iWalkers within high footfall retail destinations like shopping malls, where advertisers have found it increasingly difficult to reach and engage specified consumers effectively.

“We are aiming to be the first ‘pay per eye’ automated Digital out of Home network in the world where customers only pay for who views the content.

“Our new network will be the most precisely targeted Out Of Home platform there is. We have launched the future of targeted interactive media.”

The new iWalker also offers unique interactive ‘Bridging capability’ to allow instant connectivity with iWalker screen content via mobile phones to drive instant rewards and promotions, redeemable both online or in-store.

Nomadix has already established international partners in Columbia, South Africa, Brazil and France – all of whom are now upgrading their existing systems to the new 2017 iWalker technology.

With recently granted full US and European Patents, Nomadix Media is seeking investment over the next few months to accelerate its international growth plans.

Previous prototypes of the iWalker have seen use at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, and have been utilised by global brands such as BT and Mastercard and public sector bodies including Police Scotland and the Scottish Government.

Nomadix Media’s 2017 iWalker’s digital signage platform, has been under constant development since 2010, and is the product of intensive research from a number of sources including Glasgow and Strathclyde universities as well as a thorough validation and testing programme both in the UK and overseas.

Nomadix Media has received growth support from Scottish Enterprise since its inception in 2012. It has won also a GBP 50,000 Research and Design grant from the Scottish EDGE pitch to win competition in 2015.

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