All Aboard for Digital Menu Boards

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Digital Menu Boards “Cayin Technology”

I met these guys from Taiwan at the SIGN show earlier in the year, held at the NEC, Birmingham, UK.


A Finnish AV company, Electrosonic Lightinen, are using Cayin Technology as the digital signage solution provider on board one of the new ferrys that sail between Helsinki and Tallin.

The screens cover the ice-cream and hamburger bars, pizzeria, snack bar, entrance and various shop areas.

There are 29 different sized displays altogether.

The snack bar is the most interesting as it picks up on the idea of Digital Menu Boards (not new I know but interesting that this is the 2nd implementation of this that I have seen publicised in less than a week). The Snack Bar has 10 displays showing different menus and prices.


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