Measuring The DOOH Business Climate

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Just how exactly do you measure the business climate of the Digital Out Of Home industry?

On our last trip to Munich a week or so ago we met some nice German folks who have come up with an interesting solution – invidis consulting GmbH actually came up with the idea over a year ago to setup an ‘industry index’ that can be used to measure the health if you like of the sector.

Our team and I have been through it in some detail and as you would expect from Germans it’s incredibly thorough, well thought out and very professional. Bottom line it seems to make an awful lot of sense.

This new index also has the backing of OVAB Europe and is going to be one of their major initiatives going forward we feel.

There’s likely to be some more news about this as early as next week and it’s very likely we will be covering it before then as well so watch this space.

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