The Living Movie Poster

Chris Sheldrake

It was Don Sperring (whilst Strategy Director at JCDecaux) who said many years ago that content for digital out of home should be more akin to an animated poster than TV. It was exceptionally good advice and yet it still hasn’t really sunk in with ad execs and content folks.

Pattison Outdoor’s digital 6-sheet campaign for the film Step Brothers in Canadian Malls was particularly spot on and was if you remember our Campaign Pick Best of, in 2008 but apart from that it has been hard to see many brands or content folks heeding this advice even though the research carried out by Kinetic earlier this year also said that ‘animating the digital copy increased the number of people who look by 30%

picture-4Anyway, Andrew Gant, Studio Manager at alexx henry photography immediately got our attention when back in April he emailed us, writing “We recently just finished shooting a living movie poster with the RED One. We are really excited about the all the possibilities with the convergence of photography and motion and are thrilled to be a part of the revolution. Your site has also been a great inspiration and help for us joining the world of Digital Signage and Out of Home advertising. Keep up the good work. We love your blog here!”

So just how good is this animated / living poster commercial for the new film ‘Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith‘? See below…

With some work we are doing elsewhere in the sector we know a little about the Red One – a digital camera capable of recording at resolutions up to 4096 horizontal by 2304 vertical pixels, directly to flash or hard disk storage (there was a fantastic story on the company behind the camera in the US Wired magazine back in 2008) and have been following what these folks have been doing with it for sometime.

There are three final versions of the campaign; Concept #1: ‘Teacher’s Pet’ (shown above), Concept #2: ‘Diplomacy!’ and our favourite Concept #3: ‘Students Have No Class’ all of which can be seen on the Alexx Henry blog site.

On the studio’s blog also is a very nice video piece with a lot of background on The Living Movie Poster – Start to Finish which is well worth 4 minutes of your time.

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