Cumran Children’s TV

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The Life Channel launches its in-school television network at Cumran Primary School today, 11th June 2009.

Launched by then Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2007, The Life Channel Schools network is the largest TV network of its kind in the UK, currently found in over 1000 schools and growing. The Life Channel Schools network, in partnership with Belfast Education & Library Board (BELB), delivers high quality programming, supporting key government initiatives such as the DENI’s Every School a Good School.

The network operates as a communications platform for each school to communicate with their students, whilst other partners including the IFA, PSNI and CSPs can also add content designed to highlight community initiatives. The Life Channel also helps schools to tackle key issues children may come across such as child obesity, staying healthy and being safe.

Principal of Cumran Primary School, Rhonda Moles, told us “We are delighted to have installed The Life Channel Schools network, which will enable our school to have our own television channel, Cumran Children’s TV.”

According to Moles, students at Cumran Primary School will be developing their ICT Skills across all areas of the curriculum, creating their own PowerPoint presentations, videos and freeze frames for display on The Life Channel Schools network.

“We will be using The Life Channel Schools network to celebrate the children’s achievements, while teachers are tapping into the many resources available centrally from the network to enhance the learning and teaching within PDMU topics, such as health, well-being and safety,” added Moles. “We will also be using the eco programmes to further promote our standing as an eco school and permanent green flag holder.”

The Life Channel’s parent CAN Media is certainly helping the network live up to its mantra / strap line ‘Community Engagement Through Out-Of-Home Television’ and like Camvine and ONELAN are definitely finding the education sector a good one to be in. The Life Channel is a Scala partner of course.

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