Zoompass Revolutionary Mobile Payment Service

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

EnStream LP, a mobile commerce joint venture company owned by Bell Mobility, Rogers and TELUS – Canada’s three leading wireless operators – has launched Zoompass, a breakthrough mobile money transfer and payment service.

Zoompass gives Canadians a fast and convenient way to send and receive money securely using their mobile phone. The service is enabled through the Zoompass application on the mobile phone which combines an easy-to-use interface with an integrated contact manager that redefines how users send and receive money.

The companies say that Zoompass is a better way to pay than cash, cheque, or wire transfer. It’s expected that Canadians will be asking each other, “Do you want me to Zoom you the money?”

“The launch of Zoompass represents an important milestone in financial services that makes the mobile phone the central device consumers use to transfer money and make purchases,” says Robin Dua, president, EnStream. “The Zoompass mobile service ushers in a new era in electronic payments that addresses a growing desire to move money quickly and easily between friends, family, and merchants.”

Zoompass makes it easy to split a lunch bill, request money from parents, collect sports team fees, solicit money for a co-worker’s gift, or even pay a babysitter – right from a mobile phone.

Using a safe and secure Zoompass account, customers can link their personal bank account or credit card to make loading and transferring money simple and convenient. Customers can access Zoompass on their computer via the Internet, from the mobile Web, or by downloading the Zoompass application right to their wireless phone – and can manage their account 24/7, anytime, anywhere and transfer money, request money, check their balance, review their transaction history and more, all in real-time.

Canada’s three largest wireless phone companies decided to collaborate and launch the Zoompass service together with the vision that a common standard and interoperability for mobile money transfers across all networks would result in unprecedented convenience for consumers. The Zoompass service is available to mobile users on the Bell Mobility, Rogers, and TELUS networks as well as customers of their respective sub-brands and affiliates including Solo, Fido, Koodo and PC Mobile.

Consumers can visit www.zoompass.com to enroll and start using the money transfer service on their mobile device.

Zoompass transactions run on a highly secure payment system and are safeguarded by cutting-edge encryption technologies. Every Zoompass transaction is PIN-protected and customer financial information is stored on secure servers, not on the mobile phone, so even if the phone is lost or stolen, the user’s Zoompass account remains secure.

The Zoompass application interfaces with the address book on select phones, allowing users to quickly send or request money from their contact list. Another feature is the ability for customers to make secure purchases in stores and on the Internet using the balance in their Zoompass account with the optional Zoompass Prepaid MasterCard, issued by Peoples Trust. The Zoompass Prepaid MasterCard is enabled with PayPass technology which allows for contactless payments. To pay, customers simply tap their Zoompass Prepaid MasterCard at PayPass-enabled terminals across Canada.

The Zoompass Prepaid MasterCard can be used at millions of locations worldwide wherever MasterCard cards are accepted, including approximately 1.5 million ATMs.

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