Danoo Looking For New CEO

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Two weeks ago in our post ‘Looking For A New CEO?‘ we were a bit naughty and asked the question “Which high profile US-based company (West Coast) in the Digital Signage / DOOH industry is actively seeking a new CEO do you think?”

Half a dozen of you didn’t even need our hint (we said “We’ve covered them quite a bit over the last few months too!!”) and got the answer correct straightaway!!

It seems that the headhunter selected has been less than careful in who they have rang and what information they have given out because it now seems to be common industry knowledge that Danoo is looking for a CEO to replace Aileen Lee.

Aileen is still a partner at Kleiner Perkins and so to be fair it was probably never the long term plan of either Aileen, Danoo or Kleiner Perkins that she stay in the CEO role once the business was up and running.

Danoo is one of our favourite US networks by far and this is a great role for the right person. Danoo will go a long way we believe.

Strange thing is that our suggested person for the job hasn’t been contacted!! Headhunter you need to call us!

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