Apek’s Neurall Sounds All Too Familiar

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

They claim that over the past 10 years, Apek has been gathering terabytes of information about customers behaviors in dozens of shopping malls in Latin America, using an advanced Interactive Wayfinding Display solution called Trackmall.

A thing called Neurall is claimed to be a disruptive solution for DOOH based on this Trackmall database and almost 20 years of experience in public interactive systems.

It’s described as the world’s first Interactive Information Display based on custom Neural Networks which analyzes consumers in a completely new way. Using real time images, we are told that it tracks many different visual patterns to better understand the consumer profile, including gender, age, way of dressing, fashion preferences and much more.

All this of course sounds amazingly familiar. The press releases states that “Using all this collected information, Neurall tries to predict, as accurately as possible, the audience preferences based on images and search behaviors previously analyzed”.

Amazingly then (not) the collected images are processed and can trigger a custom advert, digital coupon, or a point of interest.

For some reason they’ve decided to exhibit at #InfoComm18. They’re in booth N3228.

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