Big Vote of Confidence For ‪@infiledcom ‬

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Back in June 2018, we were aware that twelve leading LED screen manufacturers took part in a product shoot-out at the headquarters of Lang AG. In Lindlar Germany.

With the intention of continuing to meet the ever more demanding market needs, the focus of the evaluation was on outdoor LED technology with a pixel pitch of around 4mm.

Lang AG product specialists and customers cam together and after extensive testing and evaluation three products convinced LANG AG (and its customers) that they (the products) should go through to a subsequent shoot-out; where LANG AG product specialists visited the three suppliers in person.

It would appear that these visits were the decisive criteria for the final decision and with a pixel pitch of 4.63mm, a brightness of 4,000 cd/m² and a weight of 25.2 kg/m², the decision was made by Lang AG to invest in 700 m² of the new INFiLED ER4plus LE.

With this acquisition, LANG AG is now supplementing its extensive LED screen portfolio with another high quality product, which has been carefully optimised to the LE (LANG EDITION) standard.

In the spring of 2019, this new INFiLED ER4plus LE will be incorporated in the rental fleet and will also be available for purchase.

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