POPAI Standards Digital Signage Group

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We are sitting in on (our first) POPAI Digital Signage Group being held at InfoComm 2009 – we are always interested in industry standards but more so in this instance as they are discussing ‘playlist’ standards and it fits in with an online content management system that we have licensed and are helping to develop for the vendor and a few of our customers.

popai-ds-stds-groupThe event itself is a veritable who’s who of industry luminaries; Bill Gerba, Jeff Porter, Lou Giacalone Jr. as well as the CTOs from EnQii and C-nario and many others.

What was scary mind you is that a digital signage group at the world’s largest AV event is using a white sheet on the back wall to present on!!!

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  1. Andy Barron Says:

    Please provide details of where we can find the new digital sheet!!
    Very innovative!!!!

  2. luis Says:

    hehehehehehe I have a few… let me bleach them first and i will send them to you.

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