George Greer Co. Selects GoGo Cast

Chris Sheldrake

George Greer Co. (a 75 year old distributor of fine snack food to over 3,000 retail outlets) has selected GoGo Cast, Inc. as its exclusive vendor for the deployment, management and aggregation of a new digital media display network.

picture-004The agreement which is expected to commence immediately will generate more than USD 10 million of new business to GoGo Cast, a Silicon Valley-based company, and over USD 3 million to George Greer Co. as well.

Al Greer, George Greer Co., President told us “We are excited to have selected GoGo Cast as our valued partner, providing us with a network of the most technologically-advanced, yet easy-to-deploy, cellular, digital advertising displays,”

About GoGo Cast, Inc.

GoGo Cast, Inc. is an on-demand, out-of-home digital media company that enables vertical market segments to directly communicate with their clientele. Using an aggregated network of digital media and audience-targeted content, GoGo Cast delivers direct-to-consumer advertising that enables retailers, brands, manufactures, advertisers and promoters to reach highly targeted audiences, influence brand choice and receive measurable results. With GoGo Cast’s content network and commercial grade digital screens, advertisers can deliver messages that influence consumer buying decisions at the right place, at the right time

2 Responses to “George Greer Co. Selects GoGo Cast”

  1. Antonios Fiorakis Says:

    This looks like a promising business model.

    Could you provide some more info on it?

  2. New York Nik Says:

    I know the company, I have met the executive team. I don’t think you’ll find anyone from the company posting on message boards. They are seasoned professionals with public company backgrounds so I would be very surprised to see them respond on any public forum. I do know the business model is very solid, they are VERY well capitalized and they do have some of the top technology people in the space on board building their back end solutions.

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