Netto Pontefract – Amscreen’s Trial Site

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Please Sir Alan stop this now, this is truly awful!!! The screen is horrible, the scrolling LED does not work, the screen is placed too high – no one is going to look up there whilst they push their trolley or walk around the store with their shopping basket.

amscreen-middle-shopFYI a shopping basket is a small wire basket that a consumer (sometimes also called a shopper) carries around with them. In this basket they place items that they intend to buy. A trolley is effectively a bigger version of a shopping basket but it has wheels on. This trolley is pushed around the aisles (the gap between the shelves) and is again loaded up with items that the consumer intends to purchase when they reach the checkout.

Please go and get yourself another Apprentice or two – perhaps this time someone who has some experience and / or some common sense.

Alternatively you could learn from history and read what worked and didn’t work at the likes of Walmart and Tesco’s and follow some of the pretty basic principles of Generation 2.0 Retail networks here.

At the moment this is just el cheapo retail signage for el cheapo retailers!!!

5 Responses to “Netto Pontefract – Amscreen’s Trial Site”

  1. Stephen Ghigliotty Says:

    Make this stop! This sort of install is holding back our entire industry…

  2. Jason Cremins Says:

    Unfortunately, when you only have a ‘one size fits all’ product offering the result is clear for all to see.

    As Head of POPAIdigital, I take a very active roll in the development of Digital Media in Retail (DMiR) and setting standards to which everyone can strive to achieve.

    My article posted October 22nd 2008 along with the DailyDOOH article are a good overview of where the bar needs to be set for all vendors going forward.

    Maybe Amcreen will take a read and consider some of the suggestions if / or when they move beyond the trial with Netto or are meeting with the next Retailer interested in their Media Sales led offering.

  3. NeilC Says:

    “Welcome To The World’s Most Up To Date Advertising Medium”

  4. LisaB Says:

    Shocking.. I agree with Stephen, these type of installations are damaging to the digital signage industry as a whole.

  5. Jon Laurie Says:

    Yep here we go again. Its Tesco all over…

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