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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We have had a hell of a response and traffic flow to our two stories on the FOR SALE sign going up above EK3 – we are usually very careful when publishing anonymous comments, we received this one earlier today which we think is worthwhile repeating below and replying to however…

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I’m curious. Can you explain to everyone what you think is gained by publishing this kind of information? EK3 is a PRIVATE company. I could understand publishing the information if a company is PUBLIC, because their are investors whom should be informed. So what’s the rationale (if any) to putting out information of this sort for a private company? In my opinion, I think your causing needless angst for all the parties involved and to what end? Are you running an industry information site, or a gossip rag? Gossip and rumor benefit no one and hurt the industry.

I hope you will rethink your practices.

Let’s start from the bottom of that comment and work our way up.

Gossip and rumor – as one emailer wrote in to us after requesting and receiving the said Information Memorandum; “Oh Lord … Well that is pretty compelling evidence!” – I think we can categorically say that EK3 is up for sale. It’s a fact. It’s not ‘gossip and rumor’

Are you running an industry information site, or a gossip rag? – simple answer, we are running a business! We like to think that we keep the industry (sector) honest and our goal is to help drive the industry (not hurt it). Lies, dishonesty, implausible claims hurt the industry. We need a mantra that states our position more (better) – that’s something we probably need to work on but whether it be misleading press releases over license numbers, fraudulently obtained funding or misleading deployment details we will be on it!!!

What is gained by publishing this kind of information? – undoubtedly the folks over at Software Equity Group responsible for the ‘acquisition / investment’ would already have received a dozen more expressions of interest in the business than they did had we not been the (new) middle man in the process. Employees in the company now know something they did not know last week as well.

PRIVATE or PUBLIC – not sure if there is that much difference between the two from a freedom of information point of view. The events of the last 36 hours have proven that some management at EK3 have been less than honest with suppliers, partners, employees and friends. Vehemently denying the FOR SALE sign when folks are sitting with the Information Memorandum in front of them is foolish, inexcusable and downright dishonest. In a PUBLIC company heads would probably roll for such an act of deception

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