Little Guy / Big Guy

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Following on from our brief mention of Shopping Centre TV (SCTV), Kevin J. Roberts their CEO has been in contact.

He was at pains to point out that our comments were absolutely correct but wanted us to focus on aspects of their approach where he thought he was different to the ‘big guys’.

He told us “Along with our mix of Local and National Advertising, light Entertainment, News, Weather and other updates; SCTV contribute 20% of available content to covering local community events and good causes. We believe this helps make us an integral member of the local community and a more unique provider of Digital Out of Home advertising. As a small, dynamic, well financed, and well managed company; we have major national expansion plans”

Brighton is their next shopping centre and we have heard from elsewhere that there are a number of retail organisations and regional rail companies that are currently in negotiations with SCTV.

Kevin summed up by saying that ‘2008 and 2009 will be big years for SCTV and will show the little guy can compete profitably with the big guys’

Avanti Screen Media’s new focus will also be around community also so we do see that as a common theme to shopping malls and shopping centres this year.

We do like what we have seen from SCTV, our only criticism being it’s NOT a TV medium and hanging screens in landscape (TV mode) won’t cut it going forward with the poster specialists (for SCTV read POPtv / ScreenFX before the new owners at VMG figured out what media buyers were really interested in).

VMG would be happy to tell them that the closest thing you can get to a 6-Sheet poster means the more you can get the interest of media buyers, planners and brands.

It’s not too late for SCTV to rotate their screens by 90 degrees!

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