European Digital Outdoor Index Gets Closer

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We asked two months ago how one exactly “measures the business climate of an industry” BUT we are now much closer to finding out.

OVAB Europe‘s announcement that it has been working on a data gathering exercise for some time has started with the first survey questions going out to recipients across Europe recently and again over the next few days.

This remember is in order to create the FIRST index for the digital out-of-home media sector in Europe!!

The plan is to generate the ‘European DooH Business Climate Index’ (DBCI) on a quarterly basis. In the first stage, the index enquiry will be answered by around 500 market participants in the hardware, software, infrastructure, service, network operation and advertising sectors from all the relevant European countries or regions.

France, Great Britain, Italy and Russia and then Spain, Scandinavia, Benelux, Turkey and Poland as well as Germany, Austria and Switzerland are seen as representative of Europe (at the moment).

Dirk Hülsermann, President of OVAB Europe told us “DooH media has a huge potential which we are not yet able to express in specific figures to commerce and the media. The DBCI will change all that. With this index, we can create transparency, which will help develop the sector as a whole”

All DBCI participants will evaluate two points which, taken together, will produce the index; firstly, the current economic situation and secondly, the anticipated development in the next six months.

Dirk tells us that “This will give us valid figures without the participants having to reveal business secrets,” – from what we saw in Munich last month when we were briefed on this these guys also take into consideration the size of the sample population per country or region which is then also geared to its gross domestic product.

A panel of experts independent of OVAB Europe will also ensure that all the important local companies will be included in the research and ongoing management of the index.

This is going to be the start of something REALLY big. Hats off to OVAB Europe and the guys at Invidis in Munich.

About OVAB Europe:

OVAB Europe is the first independent, pan-European forum for suppliers and service providers of audiovisual media at the POS and POI. The association complements existing organisations within the digital out-of-home industry and in this complementary role concentrates exclusively on the field of digital out-of-home media. This makes the association a meeting point and information source for all the concerns of partners in this industry and system suppliers in this field.

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