Digital Outdoor Advertising Partners with Vistar Media

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Digital Outdoor Advertising (DOA), a network of over 6,000 billboards across the US and Canada has just announced a partnership with Vistar Media in order to bring programmatic revenue to independent billboard operators.

Christine Lanziano, partner and president of Digital Outdoor Advertising told us “We are committed to providing our independent operators with the best solutions for monetizing their inventory, so partnering with the leading programmatic platform, Vistar Media, was a natural decision. Through Vistar, the network of DOA affiliates will access completely new revenue streams from digital advertising agencies and trading desks, that was not available to independent operators previously. This represents a perfect complement to the advertising campaigns that DOA is currently running from out-of-home specialists and brands directly.”

The partnership will enable independent operators to sell their inventory to the world’s largest digital buying groups through the Vistar supply-side platform (SSP).

Media owners have always been faced with the challenge of selling all of the available spots in their digital-out-of-home (DOOH) inventory. When there is a surplus of inventory, that premium supply frequently goes unsold. Through the Vistar SSP, media owners can tap into programmatic demand and efficiently monetize their unsold inventory to an entire ecosystem of digital buyers, increasing their revenue with minimal effort.

Through Vistar’s programmatic monetization platform, billboards can passively earn revenue from national brands that programmatically purchase digital out-of-home campaigns. In addition, billboard owners may now make their inventory available through private marketplace deals that are curated by Digital Outdoor Advertising and offered to digital ad buyers, further exposing independent billboard owners to new sources of revenue from national advertisers and maximizing their monetization opportunity.

Jordan Fraser, Publisher Solutions Manager at Vistar Media said “Programmatic is a powerful channel for any independent operator working with DOA looking for incremental revenue,” said The advertisers on the Vistar platform are always eager for more scale in billboard inventory, and this partnership will deliver true value to both sides of the programmatic ecosystem.”

Digital Outdoor Advertising is woman-owned, WBENC certified business.

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