Much Needed i-design Brand Refresh

Chris Sheldrake

At last atmAd’s parent is doing more to reflect the brand they own in the DOOH space. Here we see i-design launch a much needed brand refresh with a new interactive website, focusing on the features, benefits and creative impact of its self-service solutions, products and services. features online video demonstrations of the group’s flagship product, atmAd, which allows banks to run third party digital ads across ATM networks. The site showcases the range of i-design’s products including, atmAd and Builder software suites, as well as the company’s professional services, interface design and media production for self-service channels.

Ana Stewart, CEO, i-design who of course featured in our CEO Spotlight feature back in February 2009 told us “i-design’s well-proven solutions and products are recognised globally. Our new website delivers the perfect way for us to demonstrate new developments to existing partners and for prospective clients to see for themselves how i-design’s innovative solutions and products enhance the self-service experience for both banks, customers and third party advertisers.”

About i-design

i-design is the world leading specialist provider of ATM advertising software and services to the self-service industry and creator of atmAd, the only platform independent end-to-end ATM marketing solution with integrated third party media sales capability. With atmAd, financial organisations can effectively deliver internal and third party advertising campaigns as well as implement effective marketing through their ATM networks – enhancing the customer experience, generating new revenue streams and delivering high impact targeted one-to-one advertising messages.

Established in 1991 and successfully listed on AIM in 2007, i-design has over 15 years experience working with leading banking partners within the self-service industry, seamlessly delivering high quality screen graphics and third party opportunities across more than 1 billion ATM transactions a year, globally.

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