Yasushi Kawasaki Joins INFiLED Japan

Tristan Cotterill

INFiLED has announced that Yasushi Kawasaki has joined them as the new CEO of INFiLED Japan. He will be responsible for business development of INFiLED displays in the Japanese market.

For the past seven years Yasushi Kawasaki Has worked as General Manager in a trading company and has specialised in LED applications for two decades.

Michael Hao, CEO of INFiLED HQ told us “With an insight into customers’ needs in LED displays applications from broad experiences working with major LED producers, Yasushi is the best candidate for setting up business strategy in the new market. Combining his extensive knowledge to the market with the leading edge of INFiLED, Yasushi is undoubtedly capable of providing great support for opening up various market segments as we move to strengthen our local services around the globe.”

In his new role, Yasushi will oversee the development of the Japanese subsidiary with his in-depth operational experience of LED displays applications.

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